Hollywood Carnival Expressing the Colors of Culture & Freedom of the World As One People


The Event

The Los Angeles Culture Festival™ (LACF) and Hollywood Carnival are proud to present the Annual Los Angeles Culture Festival™ — a world culture festival — expressing the colors of culture and freedom of the world as one people. This is a celebration of our cultures and traditions, featuring colorful costumes, dances, food, arts & crafts, and music from around the world.

The celebration will commence with the Grand Marshal beginning the Parade of the Bands, on the world famous Hollywood Blvd. It proceeds for three (3) miles ending on Highland Ave., the main entrance to the Carnival Culture Village. Our parade and culture village will feature several well- known celebrities from various genres, including movie stars and music icons.

On Saturday, June 23, Los Angeles’ Hollywood Blvd. will miraculously transform into a Grand Carnival & Street Extravaganza with parade-goers and masqueraders dressed in vibrant, breath- taking costumes dancing to pulsating rhythms of Calypso, Soca, Samba, Reggae, Zouke, Latin, Punta, Meringue, Mariachi, Reggaeton, Blues, Jazz, Steel-pan, Indian, Asian, African, Middle Eastern and other worldly music.

We highly anticipate that this cultural fusion will attract a significant amount of local attendees from our diverse multi-cultural society, not to mention a variety of tourists — creating a great family-friendly environment.

Registration Deadline Information

The Parade of the Bands registration form, which confirms participation in the 7th Annual Los Angeles Culture Festival™ must be received no later than Wednesday, March 30th 2018. Late application may be accepted at LACF discretion.

Participation Fees  

Each Cultural Group must have a minimum of 15 (fifteen) persons to participate in the Parade of the Bands. Wristbands are required for each parade participant which allows entry to Carnival Culture Village. Final participant counts must be received no June 15th  2018. Final count must include all registered masqueraders along with all mas band committee members and/or volunteers assisting on parade day.

Pre-Parade of the Bands Conduct Meeting  

Groups registered must have a representative present at the Mandatory Road Conduct briefing to be held at a designated venue on a stipulated date and time. At this meeting each group’s position will be announced and vehicle permits for the LACF will be distributed.


Crowd Control

Groups are responsible for providing their own security/safety marshals. Security/safety marshals must be easily identified by wearing distinctive clothing. Spectators cannot be allowed to join with the masqueraders/participants along the street. Any visible display and abuse of alcohol, public indecency or unlawful conduct may result in the individual expelled from the parade by the LACF Official Road Marshal and/or the Police. Each group is responsible for the conduct of their band/participants and required to ensure lawful conduct and strict adherence to all stipulated Rules & Guidelines of the Los Angeles Culture Festival™ Parade of the Bands.

Assembly Point Rules

We request that all Group Leaders encourage their participants to arrive at the assigned assembly point between 7:00am and 10:00am on Saturday, June 23, 2018. This is VERY IMPORTANT as we are adhering to a firm start time.  Our Parade Marshals are authorized to remove vehicle passes and wristbands from any group responsible for delaying the parade.

Parade Route

The official parade route for the 2018 Los Angeles Culture Festival™ (LACF) Parade of the Bands begins on Normandie Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard. The parade will start by heading west on Hollywood Boulevard for approximately 3 miles, and end at Highland Avenue. The parade will end in our Carnival Culture Village on Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue. Participants and patrons will be sent to a separate entrance. Group Leaders and Marshals must ensure that non-costumed persons do not enter the parade unless they are clearly identified as officials assisting in the overall conduct of the parade.

Group Leaders must notify LACF officials of the number of armbands needed for registered masqueraders by May 31, 2018. Only persons wearing an official 2018 LACF Parade of Bands armband will be allowed through the participant entrance to the Carnival Culture Village. City of Hollywood Police, Parade Marshals, and LACF officials will strictly enforce this policy. Group Leaders agree to cooperate with the Parade Marshals to ensure the unimpeded progress of the parade. Failure to do so will result in possible removal from the parade.
Failure to comply with all safety and parade rules can result in disqualification in competing, removal from parade and/or from future participation in the parade.

Vehicle Regulations and Parameters

Groups are responsible for providing their own musical equipment and vehicle (i.e., generators, music truck, float, cars, van, etc.). All Operators/Drivers must have a valid license to present to Highway Inspectors, if required. All truck cabs must be properly cornered-off for safety reasons. Vehicle load (speakers) must be safely secured. Railings built around truck-trays must be strong and secured. The railngs cannot obstruct the driver’s view! Floats must have protective coverings the length of the trailer to cover wheels (front/back). All vehicles in the parade must retain 20 ft separation from the people in front of their vehicle. Music trucks shall have a driver and and observer in the front seats. In addition, if trucks are not equipped with a wheel guard, the band/group shall provide personnel to ensure all people are parading behind the vehicle and not forward of the back wheels.  Safety/security marshals should be positioned at all wheel wells when floats and music trucks are on the parade route.

In addition, if trucks are not equipped with a wheel guard, the band/group shall provide personnel to ensure all people are parading behind the vehicle and not ahead or next to the back wheels. Floats and music trucks will display the name of the group and sponsors on the side aprons. Vehicles should be constructed and decorated so the viewing from either side is equally appealing to the eye. Banners, logos, and/ or lettering should be high quality and legible. All band themes must be submitted on the application form. All exhibits and music should be in good taste and otherwise arranged so as not to cause harm or give offense to spectators or other participants in the Parade.

Towing and Trash Liability

If the breakdown of your float or music truck prevents the forward movement of the parade, the vehicle will be removed from the parade route at the nearest intersection at the group’s expense. The Los Angeles Culture Festival™ (LACF) Planning Committee will not pay any liability for the cost of towing units after breakdown. All incurred costs will be paid directly by the float builder, vehicle owner, sponsor, or organization responsible for the group. Any liability for the cost of removing costumes and or float items left on the streets along the parade route will not be paid by the LACF or its Planning Committee.


The Los Angeles Culture Festival™ Planning Committee shall not be liable in damages for any delay in or cancellation of the Parade without prior notice, if such delay or cancellation is caused by conditions beyond control including but not limited to natural disasters, such as flood, storm, lightning, fire epidemic, and/or earthquake.